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15 July 2009 @ 01:07 pm
Harry potter, harry potter, OOOH.

So basically, best one yet. by far.
I mean...I hate the feeling of sounding like just another fangirl going "OMG HARRY POTTER WAS SOO GUUD". But really...the last two have been much crappier than the first three, and disappointed me, since so much was taken out of the books. But this one was I can honestly say...nearly perfect.

The only thing I can complain about is like, the ZERO Draco/Pansy. Which makes me GRRRRR. but I didn't expect it, really. They never did get it right.

Other bad? Not much:

1. Ehh, Narcissa could've been better. What's with the random brown in her hair?
2. What happened to apparating classes?
...that's it I think.

THE GOOD. so much made me happily surprised:

1. I like the restaurant scene at the beginning. Not in the book, but kinda funny.
2. Dumbledore's acting got a little better.
3. OH MY GOD. the pace of the movie was the best. No more skipping through a scene in less than a minute (GOFandOOTP). They actually spent time on the slughorn scene, and the N/B/S scene. They spent time in WWW :) ahhhhhh. perfect. so happy.
4. I was afraid from the previews that the lighting would be all weird. but it looked pretty normal most of the time.
5. they reused a lot of music from movie 5...but what they added was awesome. D&H apparating to the rock in the water outside the cave? YES.
6. R/HR. mmm. a little less subtle than I might of wanted. But they're trying to make it more obvious like A LOT now. which is cool. cause they be the best together.
7. the Dumbledore death scene was perfect. not how I imagined, but they did it well. I understand why they took the fighting out, and I think it worked.

BUT SERIOUSLY...the best thing of the whole movie? Tom Felton. amazing. AMAZING. best acting ever. He did Draco PERFECT. exactly exact. perfect. perfect. perfect. I think you get the idea. But yeah, I really respect him, and I'm so impressed.

I want to go see it 24328473892 more times. Just for Tom. ...and cause it was good.
but I has no money D:


in other news (since I never update my lj...ever. Not like anyone reads it anyway...):

1. I'm currently in the middle of hardcore learning French. I've got rosetta stone. BYKI. and I've been watching movies dubbed in French, listening to french music...ETC. I want to become fluent...eventually. and I also want to learn finnish. But that will probably come later.

2. ...I have no other news. HMMPHF. well, it's summer time. I'm just waiting for my junior year. I'm really excited. My classes are going to be real nice. but yeah...my summer basically consists of LJ, learning French, and doing nothing.

3. OMG, NO. I FORGOT. and it consists of BIG BROTHER!! :D my favorite. ahhhh so amazing. as always. So happy Jessie got back in the house. even though everyone thinks he's an arrogant jerk. Not gonna lie, he is. But i love him, still. AND KEVIN? the best. fave. fave. fave. Lydia is cool too. athletes/offbeats would be the best. but whatev.

anyways...that's all.